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For competitive reasons our quotation offers entry-level High Performance Felts. These are far better than traditional BS747 felts and our recommended minmimum on any roof. We provide a material and labour guarantee for 10 years, although the overall life expectancy is over 20 years. Even better felts and warranties are available depending on your requirements, i.e.
“I’m happy with 10 year guaranteed High Performance Felts as offered but would like protection in the unlikely event that HPFR should cease trading”.

As members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors and of Fair Trades we offer their Insurance Backed Warrantees. If we cease trading they appoint another approved contractor. Typical extra cost – only 3% to 5%.

“I’m happy with a 10 year guarantee, but prefer an even better grade of felt”.

Upgraded felts are even stronger, more flexible and last up to 30 years. Typical extra cost from 5% to 7.5%. Many of these felts can be I NSURANCE- BACKED by the manufacturer. This independently covers materials and labour, insolvency protection and contingent liability. Typical extra cost from 7.5% to 10%.
“I only want economy grade High Performance Felts but would like a longer guarantee period”.

Our SYSTEM 12 Felts are the answer. The manufacturer certificates the materials for 12 years and we extend our labour period correspondingly. Typical extra cost 5%
“I Want the best felts there are and the longest guarantees”.

If your roof is big enough you can have 15 or 20 year Insurance-Backed guaranteed felts. Typical extra cost is 30% to 50%. (You can have this grade felt even if the roof is small but the guarantee is limited to 10 years and without any cost saving).
(Notes. Percentage rates are purely for guidance and may be greater or lesser than stated. Most guarantees/upgrades carry a miniumum £25 charge. 15 and 20 year guarantees are subject to minimum roof sizes of 25 m2 and 45 m2 respectively.)

For further details of specifications and guarantees please ask. If you wish to take up any of these options please tell us at the time of order.